The Paulean Podcast

Welcome to The Paulean Podcast. We invite you to join us to discuss the latest developments at St. Paul’s across the Senior and Junior schools, exploring our strategies and approaches to academic, pastoral and co-curricular life, evaluating current educational trends and introducing some of the key members of our community who shape the experience of our pupils.  

Grab your cup of tea (or coffee) and join us! 

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Episode #1

One school one vision

In our first ever episode, four keen and curious pupils want to find out more about our headmaster Mr Titus Edge. He answers their probing questions about his visions and plans for the school and also about his childhood and memories.

Episode #2

Responsibility | Safeguarding our children

In this episode, Ms Zeba Clarke, our deputy head and safeguarding lead, talks to four parents from different sections of school about safeguarding and how it is such a key aspect of daily life at St. Paul’s.  

Episode #3

Adveture | Holistic Education

In this episode, Zeba Clarke, our deputy, talks to Martina Oparaocha, our head of Senior School, and Lee Sutton, the director of Sports and assistant head Enrichment & Scholarships, about holistic education.

Episode #4

Inclusion | The scholarship programme and a more diverse community

In this episode, we are going to talk about a project that makes everyone at school very proud: the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme.