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Prep pupils playing basketball during PE lessons

At St. Paul's, we understand that our pupils need to learn about themselves, and from the ever-changing world in which they live. St. Paul’s pupils receive a holistic education: we believe in helping our pupils achieve their full potential.

The wide range of clubs, societies, trips, visits, sporting, music and House activities we offer all enrich the vibrant Paulean learning experience. Our unique enrichment programme means that our pupils enjoy the finest learning experience; that reaches far beyond the classroom walls and prepares them for the diverse and dynamic world beyond school.


Sport is an essential ingredient of our school’s culture; it is embraced as an opportunity for growth, and for developing what we refer to as “quality Pauleans”, pupils who develop personality traits that embody the school’s values.

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The Arts

Whether through visual arts, drama, or film, at St. Paul’s pupils are encouraged to express their creativity and learn about themselves.

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