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Junior School

Prep pupils look curiously at something in the classroom

Welcome to St. Paul’s Junior School, and its two sections: the Pre-Prep and the Prep School. 

Our children's learning journey begins with the Pre-Prep for pupils aged between three and seven. In the Pre-Prep, our highly qualified early education team provides the best possible start to our pupils’ education at St. Paul’s. 

We focus on the joy of learning and the importance of learning through play and exploration. Our early childhood curriculum builds on pupils’ interests, and their first-hand experiences, and reflects the diversity of our families and the wider school community. The St Paul’s early years programme helps children to develop a deep sense of belonging to their school by exploring shared experiences that echo their family lives during the school day and to recognise and appreciate aspects of the wider community.  

We aim for children to develop the characteristics of effective learning by actively exploring our indoor and outdoor learning spaces, through perseverance, collaboration and problem solving. Children should see our school as a happy, safe and exciting place where they are challenged to try new things, take managed risks and explore their imagination and interests.  

As our young Lions move to the Prep, our pupils build on strong foundations as they begin learning in both English and Portuguese. This focus on language and literacy across the curriculum celebrates the school’s international nature, and ensures that our pupils consolidate the core knowledge that lets them express themselves clearly, confidently and accurately. The Junior School curriculum is rich in knowledge and skills, combining the rigour of the English and Brazilian National Curriculums, combining our distinctive British, Brazilian and international approach.

Throughout the Junior School we work closely with children and their families to establish the St. Paul’s valued characteristics of kindness and inclusion. Our priority is to create and maintain an environment where children can thrive and flourish academically, socially and emotionally and become the greatest version of themselves.

Amy Clifford, Head of Junior School

Pre-Prep School

Pre-Prep experiences are usually a child’s first venture into the larger world outside the home. What children experience in the Pre-Prep can create strong and lasting foundations for later life. 

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Prep School

In the Prep School, we stress the importance of developing the whole child and pay equal attention to pupils’ moral and social development throughout their primary years.

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