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Pre-Prep School

Pre-Prep kids work on project together

The start of our pupils’ learning journey is the Pre-Prep, for children between the ages of three and seven.

In the Pre-Prep, the highly qualified early education team are committed to providing the best possible start to our pupils’ education. We aim o provide a safe, happy and secure foundation on which each child can be successful, helped to forge links in their learning, and make discoveries.
We value each child as an individual, developing at their own rate and with a unique set of interests. We are proud that we get to know each of our young lions individually and build on their interests and strengths.
Our Pre-Prep is an English immersion, early childhood setting. This means that we celebrate a child's home language, while spending most of the day teaching in English. We thoroughly immerse children in a rich communication, language and literacy environment by means of high-quality picture books, songs, rhymes, and by planning talk-rich sessions, trips and first-hand experiences so children can share, discuss and build new vocabulary together. Our children swiftly acquire and consolidate their English, building their vocabulary in ways that are meaningful and motivate them.
Our renovated Pre-Prep  covers much of the ground floor. This is ideal for young children who are growing and developing rapidly. Each classroom has direct access to the outdoor spaces which are used throughout the day as a natural extension of the classroom. Small class sizes and high adult-to-child ratios mean that getting to know our children and forming warm and positive relationships with them are central to teaching and learning.  

In partnership with parents, we aim to provide a stimulating, safe yet challenging environment which feels like a warm and friendly extension of their home, where children can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together, developing as happy, confident and independent members of our community.

Young children are capable of great achievements. We provide them with the appropriate support and challenge them throughout our curriculum. We use the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum (NC) to ensure that children have the key knowledge and skills they need to be successful throughout their time at school. Our thematic curriculum encourages children to explore lines of enquiry and ask questions which allow them to make connections, interact, learn and play happily together.

Our curriculum is divided into seven learning areas to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum and to challenge children to acquire knowledge and skills.  

The three prime areas of learning

Personal, social and emotional development

Forming meaningful relationships with others, both children and adults, respecting other people, developing a sense of self while belonging to a community, being able to understand and express their feelings and emotions.

Physical Development

Increasing independence so that children can manage and be aware of their physical needs. Gaining greater control of their bodies and movement, keeping themselves active and healthy and using equipment and materials successfully and safely.

Communication & Language

Developing confidence to express opinions and make choices, talking, listening to others, and joining in with rhymes, stories and games. Deepening their understanding of English and responding appropriately to what others have said, following instructions and asking questions to check for meaning.

The four other specific areas of learning are:  

  • Literacy  
  • Mathematics  
  • Understanding of the World  
  • Expressive Arts and Design  

Specialist Lessons also enrich our Pre-Prep curriculum. We have an additional team of specialist teachers that teach Physical Education, Music, Art and Portuguese in our purpose-built rooms. These lessons support the learning that takes place back in the classroom.