School meals

St. Paul’s is proud that the quality of food provided in the school is very high. We are proud of the high quality, freshly cooked and served meals that we enjoy each day.  Sodexo, our catering and domestic subcontractor, select and prepare food according to the school’s catering policy.  Each day a hot meal is offered.  In addition, three sandwich lunch options are available.  In the Pre-Prep school pupils have a snack mid-morning (mini filled bread and a drink) and the Pre-Prep and Prep 1 and 2 also have a snack in the afternoon.

Lunch at St. Paul’s is an enjoyable experience. Pupils and staff enjoy a break from the busy school day, share good food and, for the younger children, develop and maintain good eating habits and table manners. Supervision in our recently refurbished dining room facilitates this, especially for the Pre-Prep and lower Prep year groups.

Healthy eating at St. Paul’s

We believe that teaching our pupils about a healthy lifestyle is essential to their academic and personal development, and the menu we offer to pupils is therefore varied, tasty, healthy, and of the highest quality. Our healthy schools initiative won us a nomination for an International Schools Award in January 2017. We have also created some clear guiding principles for food at St. Paul’s.

Parents, to see the school menu for this month, please go to My School Portal and log in using your email address.